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Tax Returns-all Kinds

Tax Return Mississauga & Brampton

We prepare many types of income tax returns for our clients in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton and Oakville regions. Some of our tax return services include:

  • Charity annual returns
  • Commission earners tax returns
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Deceased persons final tax returns
  • Dual citizens tax returns
  • Estate planning and Trust returns
  • First Canadian tax returns – new immigrants’
  • HST returns
  • Investment income returns
  • IT professionals tax returns
  • Last Canadian tax returns – emigrants’

Tax return objectives by H&T Tax Accountant: For preparing tax returns we have many results oriented objectives. Some of these are:

Maximize deductions in tax returns:

There are many ways to achieve this. Most tax preparers do not care to identify and procure the missing information and documents (MIDs). They prepare your return based on whatever documents you give them. Each H&T Tax Returns Expert strives to find the MIDs. The same technique is used to maximize tax credits. Our MIDs procedure helps us achieve completeness testing of claims. Many times we obtain some missing information from CRA’s online tax return data.

Minimize errors in tax returns:

This objective is not much cared by most tax preparers. We take many actions to achieve this. An important one is that each return is prepared by one professional and checked by another. We have a thorough checking procedure.

Minimize audit triggering through tax returns:

Most tax preparers do not care for this. The H&T Tax Accountant in Mississauga take many actions to achieve this. The amounts on your return tend to stay same over time. We always look at the history of each amount. If it changes suddenly we ensure to have a reason. Most tax preparers do not care for consistent history of amounts.

Maximize audit resilience through tax returns:

Returns of most preparers do not make it through audits. They assume audits do not take place and hence save time required to set up the audit trails. All the time while preparing a return we continue thinking of how to defend the client if audited. Therefore we setup excellent audit trails intentionally. That is why our success rate in audits and appeals with CRA Corporate tax and CRA personal tax offices is very high.

  • Tax Returns Mississauga
  • Tax Returns Brampton