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H&T Bookkeepers in Brampton and Oakville

Setting Up Books:

Most bookkeeping, even for very small businesses, is done on the computer these days. We analyze your needs to determine which part of the required activity can be done on your versus our computer. Bookkeepers in Mississauga are one of the most important professionals required for every business. If the books are to be prepared on your computer, you may ask us to do one or more of the following:

  • Set up books on the computer
  • Select proper software
  • Install software on your computer
  • Train you or your staff in using the software
  • Prepare journals and ledgers on ongoing basis

Bookkeeping at Your Location:

We offer a working method in which little or no papers need to be delivered to us; all journals and ledgers are prepared at your site. Your files are then delivered to us electronically for checking by an accountant. In case you do not have an employee to prepare your books, we would send one of our bookkeepers in Brampton for a few hours weekly. We call this service premium bookkeeping because it gets you time from both a bookkeeper and an accountant, at one affordable price. Besides preparing journals and ledgers, the bookkeeper could also do the necessary sorting and filing of your papers. She/he may also help you in various activities relating to accounts receivable, accounts payable, taxes payable, and payroll.

Bookkeeping at Milton:

We can also do your bookkeeping using the traditional working method; you deliver us the papers once monthly or quarterly, and all necessary work is done at our computer. This work usually includes preparing journals, ledgers, and compliance reports or schedules. If you prefer, we can also prepare your books once yearly.

Tax-Saving Bookkeepers in Oakville: Maximizing Your Savings!

If done by experienced and well-informed professionals, tax planning can save you big money. Tax planning does not usually come to you in the form of a document from your accountant. Instead, tax-saving plans developed for your situation are implemented through proper recording of transactions in your books. Since all bookkeeping is done under the supervision of a certified accountant, our team of expert bookkeepers in Oakville ensures that all tax savings possible for clients are availed in recording your transactions. That makes our bookkeeping services highly tax efficient.

Audit Trail Reports:

In doing your bookkeeping, we also ensure that the best possible audit trails are set up at affordable cost to taxpayers. The damage caused by inadequate audit trails is often not immediate and hence not realized. We are very conscious of setting up audit trails at all times while designing your accounting system, recording your transactions, and preparing your returns. If a tax-saving we claim for you is crucial or unclear, we search for credible literature to support the claim. We then save this printed material as a part of audit trails, because this published material would be most useful in defending you in an audit or an appeal that may come your way sometimes. It is the comprehensive audit trails that make our bookkeeping highly audit thwarting.