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H&T Accountants Mississauga, bookkeepers and tax returns professionals, are located in Mississauga, and Brampton, Ontario. We serve the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) — including Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Milton and Toronto. We can prepare for you any documents you need to file with various government departments regarding income tax, harmonized sales tax, workplace safety insurance, and payroll. All documents we prepare are highly audit thwarting and tax-efficient. We also do all record keeping and bookkeeping needed to support the information used in documents filed. With our accounting services buy expert accountants Milton, we can help enhance the management and profits of your business. H&T tax accountants Brampton offer a unique blend of expertise and personalized attention to all of our clients that sets us apart from the rest. To find more on how we can help you, look at the listing of our Services. Choose H&T Accountants Oakville for expert accounting services for your business. Our skilled team of accountants and bookkeepers Brampton will support your financial needs with professionalism and care.

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Estate Planning

This planning requires two major expertise, legal and accounting. And only a few lawyers and a few accountants have this expertise. So, you must hire two specialized professionals for proper Estate Planning.


Audit defense

Over some 30 years, Accountants Mississauga team have had great success in defending clients in their tax audits. We are one of the most experienced


Tax Appeals

In doing the compliance work, we also ensure that the best possible audit trails are set up at affordable cost to tax payers. The damage caused by inadequate audit trails is often not immediate and hence not realized.


Tax saving plans

We are aware of hundreds of plans. Writing their details may make the website too voluminous. For convenience of readers we write only about the objectives of the plans and our procedures to achieve these.


Bookkeepers and Accountants Mississauga

Most of the accounting and bookkeeping is done on the computer these days. We, Bookkeepers Mississauga, analyze your needs to determine which part of the required activity can be done on your versus our computer.


Tax Returns

We prepare many types of income tax returns for our clients in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton and Oakville regions.



We will take care of your accounting and administrative services and take the load off you.

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What Our Client Say

Tax Returns Preparation

I just saw details of the copies of tax returns that I got from you guys, I am very happy with the paper work prepared by you. It is very clear and neat. I just wanted to say thank you to all H & T members.

Shreyansh Vakharia

Small business owner-manager

In a recent audit Revenue Agency accepted all claims HandT Accounting made for me except one—they wanted to allow only 30% of some $90,000 I paid for a truck. After powerful HandT submissions they allowed me 100%. This intervention is just one example of how HandT helps me keep more of my money in my business.

Vince Kobold,Acton

Individual Tax Filer

I have had the great experience of working with you regarding my tax returns. You have been prompt, very detailed and precise in your service. I have always been very satisfied and have recommended you to other friends. I look forward to a long and good business relationship with yourself and your company.

Rafi Butt,Mississauga

Small business owner-manager

“We have been with HandT Accounting since 2001. They are very professional. We went through a major audit recently and through their excellent work it went very smooth and in our favor. The Revenue Agency planned to add some $344,000 to our income, but when the appeal ended they could add only $7,000.”

Robert Bailey,Burlington

Small business owner-manager

Looking for an Accountant? Don’t go to one with a big sign,” Guaranteed Refund”; that may get you in trouble in the future. I’ve been through it, top to bottom. Eventually I met the team of HandT Accounting Services for getting professional accounting. They provided forensic level accounting, very little mistakes and orderly books. With HandT working for you, you’ll have quality service, on time results, professionals on your side working for strong audit defense—no other will direct you better toward success. The longer you are with this firm, the more vigorous will be the growth and success of your business. If you are looking for an accountant, trust me, HandT are the best, all others can be hardly Second Best!!!!

John Borg,Bolton

Tax filer having Rental Operation

I have been with HandT Accounting Services for 3 years now and I couldn't be more pleased with the service and care they provide. They always review with me all returns before filing and provide me with a comprehensive copy of each tax return. HandT has been by far the best and most professional individuals I have dealt with and I look forward to being a client with them for many years to come.

Nilay Patel,Milton

Small business owner-manager

HandT Accounting was instrumental in turning my company's chaotic accounting files and spreadsheets into a well organized and tax compliant set of ledgers. Their on-going maintenance made tax filing a far easier process.

Linda Hillman,Mississauga

Tax filer having Investments and Rental Operation

Tax Returns: HandT Accounting Services thoroughly review the tax returns prepared by us for the whole family, point out the errors and necessary corrections to ensure maximum tax benefit is received. They keep good records of our returns for previous years and always revisit when reviewing the current year tax returns, to ensure the missed tax benefit for previous years is updated and claimed. Telephone Help: They take immediate action for any telephone inquiries relating my investments from CRA for Audit.

Brian Mistry,Mississauga

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For a live discusion or consulting request a phone call back. Submit your info via the form and one of our expert advisor will get in touch in 24 hours or just send us an email.

    I would like to discuss:

    Professional Accountants Mississauga

    Are you ready to rocket your business’s finances to the next level? H&T Accounting Services is standing by, expert accounting solutions in hand, eager to make your financial head-spinning numbers come alive with immense possibilities! We grasp the principal financial challenges you face: perplexing bookkeeping, complex tax filings, payroll puzzlers, and HST headaches.

    We at H&T Accounting Services are committed to assisting you in navigating the challenging world of finances with assurance and comfort. Our Accountants in Brampton of qualified experts is dedicated to offering top-notch accounting, tax, and financial services catered to your unique requirements or those of your organization. We are your partners in prosperity because of our track record of success and zeal for monetary gain.

    Fortunately, our team of expert accountants in Mississauga and CMAs has spent years mastering the maze of books, ledgers, and laws. We thrive on bringing order to chaos, translating baffling balances into simple strategies that fuel your business growth. That’s why our all-star team of Brampton accountants and CMAs have custom-crafted a suite of razor-sharp accounting solutions.

    When you hire us, a sigh of relief escapes as we untangle your most disorganized financial knots with precision and grit, digging into dusty spreadsheets and uncovering hidden gems that your numbers have been waiting to reveal! Our certified Oakville Accountants can keen business insights electrify your company with financial clarity and confidence, propelling it forward at turbo speed.

    Our Accountants on Mississauga is made up of exceptionally skilled individuals that have a thorough understanding of accounting, tax regulations, and financial management. You can rely on us to deliver precise and dependable answers. It’s time to express the potential locked within your books! Let us explore the complexities with in-depth analysis and tailored recommendations, bursting through the puzzlements with clarity and confidence. Do start partnering with us and experience the outbreak of understanding as the tangled web of finances finally falls into place.

    Are you able to take charge of your finances and meet your financial objectives? For a consultation, get in touch with H&T Accounting Services right away. Let us demonstrate to you how our knowledge and commitment can significantly impact your financial journey. Our top priority is seeing you succeed.

    Contact us today for a consult where we’ll listen intently and craft a custom solution infused with our creative excitement for helping your financial numbers sing and dance. Let our professionals Milton Accountants and Bookkeepers deliver the financial thrill ride your business has been waiting for! We can hardly contain our enthusiasm for helping you rocket your company’s finances to a whole new level of success. Get in touch now; as we are the ones ready and raring to put our expertise and burst of creative energy to work for your financial breakthrough!


    Why do I need an accountant for my business?

    Accountants may offer helpful guidance on budgeting, cost-cutting, and financial planning to maximize your resources while also providing insights into the financial health of your company.

    Your business is an extension of yourself! These days running any sort of business can be complex and time-consuming. An accountant in Mississauga acts as your partner to lighten your load in a variety of tasks, including Bookkeeping, Tax filing, Financial planning Tax planning, and more. We give wings to your dreams, nurture and grow your business into what you envisioned. One call, that’s all it takes.

    How can you help me with tax planning?

    Our ace accountants in Brampton and Milton stay up-to-date on the latest tax laws and statutes, and we can help you devise a tax plan that minimizes your liability and maximizes your deductions. We can also help you with tax audits and appeals. Talk to us, and see your worries vanish like morning mist. With our hidden tax reduction tactics and little-known loopholes, well grow your savings and let you thrive. Just a little care and nurturing are all it takes.

    Are your accountants experienced?

    Experience is the sage guiding light for businesses of all ages. Yes, our team of accountants in Oakville has a combined experience of over 20 years. We have a deep wisdom of the Canadian tax system and we will show you the tried-and-true paths that will save you time, energy, and money. Let our wisdom earned over two decades reveal hidden shortcuts and dangers, to ease your journey towards prosperity.

    Can you assist with personal tax filings?

    Yes, certainly we can help you with your personal tax filing, prepare your individual tax return and ensure that you are fully law compliable. We can also help you identify potential tax savings. Let us untangle the complex web of personal taxes for you! Our expertise will decipher details, identify deductions and craft a return that maximizes your refund. Sit back as we show you the clever tricks used by tax wizards to shrink your tax bill.

    What sets your accounting services apart?

    Your business deserves it, and we deliver distinctive excellence. Let our finely- crafted, bespoke services breathe new life into your finances. Through deep listening and careful tailoring, we’ll create solutions that celebrate your uniqueness and propel your business further than generic ‘one size fits all’. We are also committed to providing proactive guidance and helping you bypass hardships while keeping you in mind with the quality services ever possible.

    We believe that every business is unique, and we approach each client with that in mind. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality accounting services and the best possible advice.