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Audit Defense

Audit defense in Mississauga

Over some 30 years, Mississauga Accountant team have had great success in defending clients in their tax audits.  We are one of the most experienced audit defense service providers in Mississauga area. An audit with a narrow scope is called a review. There are numerous types of Reviews or Audits. Here are few audit types that are more likely to happen:

  • Adjustment reviews
  • Business audit
  • Corporation tax return audit
  • HST audit
  • Partnership audit

Audit defense objectives

Provide maximum evidence of legality of claims: To achieve this we use many techniques including the following:

  • We prepare and submit a comprehensive report.
  • We state in the report the Income Tax Act sections applicable to the claims.
  • We state in the report the pertinent CRA Information Circular or Bulletin references.
  • We state in the report the quotes from other CRA publications to support our position.
  • For small amounts in the disclosure we spend limited time on these reports. This is done to reduce your cost of defense.

Provide maximum evidence of authenticity of disclosures: To achieve this we use many procedures including the following:

  • We prepare a comprehensive report.
  • It contains a table of contents, statement of issues, and discussion of issues.
  • It also contains the necessary attachments.
  • It contains all pertinent documents, e.g., customer invoices and vendor bills.
  • To reduce errors in the report, we show a draft to the client before sending the report to the auditor.