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Better bookkeeping – on versus off site

Bookkeeping of a business mainly involves preparing journals, government returns, and checks for vendors, invoices for customers, and reports for better management of the business. Generally bookkeeping is better done off site for new businesses as it is less expensive. On site bookkeeping has many advantages, e.g. quicker processing, since the paper delivery time is eliminated. It is better once a business has grown to afford it. A change from off to on site is better made in 2 or 3 phases, unless company’s growth is leaping. The timing and nature of phases depend upon the accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP) and payroll activity, e.g. number of monthly customer invoices.

Off site bookkeeping is better for less activity. Payroll is easy getting done off site, but AR is not. You may move just the AR function on site and leave others off site. AR can be done manually or on a computer. In either case, we can provide you the necessary training besides set up your books to record ongoing transactions.

We can also help you develop a plan for transferring various functions from off to on site. Transferring functions on site, even entirely, does not mean eliminating contact with us. In fact, bookkeeping is best done under the supervision of a designated accountant. Accordingly, we offer a service called Premium Bookkeeping. We send one of our bookkeepers to your site for 4 to 16 hours weekly, depending upon your workload. All bookkeeping is checked by an accountant. With Premium Bookkeeping you get time and attention from both a bookkeeper and an accountant at one affordable price.