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Has Canada Revenue Agency treated you unfairly?

If you believe so, do not be discouraged. It happens generally in 2 types of circumstances. Firstly, it may happen if you did not have the documents to support your deduction, but you do know the deduction is legal. Perhaps you showed documents considered unsatisfactory by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Secondly, your perception of a situation may be different than CRA’s. For example, they may treat your capital gains as business income or treat your business loss as a capital loss to procure more taxes from you. Discuss the situation with us.

We can help you identify and make additional documents to complement your substantiation. We may also be able to support your perception by court cases. If your auditor is still not convinced, we would take your case to appeals division. And if they are not convinced but we still believe you have a case, we will take it to the Tax Court. At that level, we may need the support of a lawyer in bigger cases.