That Time…YES…It’s Tax Time!

Many people including huge businesses and corporations truly dread taxes when it comes to their money. These compulsory expenditures make the financial systems of all businesses quite complicated. At H&T Accounting Services, understanding tax laws are the fundamental basis of our expertise. Because we understand how these laws work, we know how to help you save big bucks. We hold strong knowledge in all areas of taxation and we work hard with our customers to save every dollar we can. 

Tax Planning 

One of the most essential areas of understanding taxes in any sort of financial situation is tax planning. This involves productive research into literature so that taxation errors are minimized and the savings is maximized. Special attention is given to large saving plans so we know we are getting you the best service possible. With continuous efforts to analyze plans that our customers can qualify for, we work above and beyond all your expectations. 

Tax Preparation 

We love to prepare and prepare well so that we have your back when you need us the most. We prepare year-round so that our customer, the taxpayer, is at low risk of getting into any auditing circumstances.  Year long, H&T Accounting Services provide exceptional bookkeeping as well that helps us stay on top of our game. With complete bookkeeping, tax preparation is simplified. We work hard to minimize errors so auditing becomes easier for everyone. We take the tax preparation phase seriously, so you are at ease. 

Tax Appeals and Audits 

Defending our customers during an audit or an appeal is also a critical phase of our work. We know our path right up to the Tax Court of Canada, if need be, so that you get the most out of any case. Appeals and audits can be stressful and confusing, but because we know how to take care of you and your finances, we are persistent in lowering any possible penalties and interest charges. 

Saving BIG Bucks!

Savings, savings and savings! Who does not want to hear that when it comes to the complexity everyone deals with over their hard-earned money? Many wonder what they are really able to save when it comes to their taxes. It is a fact that taxes can get quite complicated. This is why knowledge of the tax systems is crucial to the tax savings process. Our experts here at H&T Accounting Services have extensive knowledge of the many savings plans that our customers can qualify for. Everything from business income taxes to employment income taxes is on the table for us and we know how to help our customers!

At H&T Accounting Services, we plan, prepare, defend and yes, most of all, help you save! We have experts in all areas of accounting and bookkeeping services that work year-long to keep your finances in check. Do not wait any longer, let us help you get in control of your money! Call us TODAY….call us NOW!