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Tax Returns Brampton

We prepare many types of income tax returns. Some of our tax return services in Brampton include:

  • Partnerships tax returns
  • Payroll returns
  • Personal tax returns
  • Proprietors returns
  • Small business tax returns
  • Trust tax returns (including Estate Planning)
  • US tax returns
  • WSIB returns

Tax returns objectives by Tax Accountant Brampton

For preparing tax returns in Brampton we have many results oriented objectives. Some of these are:

Maximize deductions in tax returns:
H&T Tax Accountant in Brampton offer expert taxation skills to maximize deductions. There are many ways to achieve this. Few tax preparers care to identify and procure the missing information and documents (MIDs).  They prepare your return based on whatever documents you give them. We strive to find the MIDs. The same technique is used to maximize tax credits.

Minimize errors in tax returns:
This objective is not much cared by most tax preparers. We take many actions to achieve this. An important one is that the draft of each return is shown to client before finalizing and filing the return. Client checking the drafts reduces errors.

Minimize audit triggering through tax returns:
Most tax preparers do not care for this.  We do many things to achieve this. In fact errors often trigger audits. In minimizing errors we minimize audit triggering as well. Many times a claim can be made in two or more ways. We keep away from audit prone ways. Most tax preparers do not care for this. They do not care for the future risks of the clients.

Maximize audit resilience through tax returns:
Returns of most preparers do not make it through audits. They work on the basis that audits do not take place. We work on the basis that audits do take place. We ensure that the substantiation for each claim, especially the big one, is well documented and archived. H&T Accountant Brampton and team have 30 years of experience in audits and appeals. We rarely lose in an audit or an appeal.