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Business start-up Brampton

Business start-up Brampton

We often help new businesses by registering them with appropriate government departments. Most importantly, you need to make many decisions. What government accounts you need open; Payroll, HST, Income Tax, Workplace Safety Insurance? What kind of HST filing method you should pick? What HST filing frequency should you choose? Should your payroll be weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly?

Journals & Ledgers

We also help new businesses by setting up journals and ledgers, based on an accounting system well designed for their needs. For small businesses, all or only a part of the journals & ledgers may be on the computer. Here are typical decisions you will have to make. Should you do your Accounts Receivable manually or on the computer? Should you do your Accounts Payable manually or on the computer? Should you do your Inventory Management manually or on the computer?

Shareholders agreement

We can also assist the owners in incorporating their businesses and developing terms for their shareholders, business purchase and franchise agreements. We liaise with their lawyers and real estate agents, thus helping them put their business on good foundation right from its start.

In summary, we provide complete solution for Business Start-up in Brampton.