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Audit defense in Brampton

Over some 30 years, the team of H&T Accountant Brampton have had great success in defending our clients in their tax audits. An audit with a narrow scope is called a review. There are numerous types of Reviews or Audits. Here are few audit types that are more likely to happen:

  • Payroll audit
  • Personal tax return audit
  • Pre-assessment review
  • Proprietorship audit
  • WSIB audit

Audit defense objectives

Provide maximum evidence of legality of claims: To achieve this we use many techniques including the following:

  • We prepare and submit a comprehensive report.
  • We state in the report the quotes from some experts in the field to support our position.
  • We state in the report a pertinent court case, if we can find any.
  • For small amounts disclosures we spend limited time preparing these reports. This is done to reduce your cost of defense.

Provide maximum evidence of authenticity of disclosures: To achieve this we use many procedures including the following:

  • We prepare a comprehensive report.
  • It includes a list of disclosures.
  • The list states the location in the report of the substantiation document for each disclosure.
  • This helps the auditor find any substantiation document instantaneously.
  • The report includes proofs of payment, e.g. cancelled bank checks or credit card receipts.
  • It includes any schedules we prepare to answer certain specific questions of the auditor.