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Top Secrets of Business Success

We want to enhance our business profits. Do you analyze businesses to determine the areas for improvement? Can you provide some practical audit-thwarting tips?

Top Secrets of Business Success

Profits of some of our customers are always increasing and so is their standard of living. They drive excellent cars and live in grand houses. They hardly work overtime. We call them winners. Unfortunately profits of other customers are low and remain so forever unless the businesses are forced to wind up by Canada Revenue Agency or other creditors.

We did some analysis to determine what sets the winners apart from others. We found: 1) The winners manage their time and cash flow properly. They make more money in less time. Their cash flow causes little stress if any. They are always relaxed. 2) They have good marketing plans and paper work habits — as per articles we published before. 3) They plan ahead for taxes and not retroactively. Retroactive planning is mostly illegal and not audit proof. 4) They are always prepared for audits and get their records archived properly, instead of just dumping them in boxes. They do understand that the bills resulting from government audits can be tens of thousands of dollars or more. 5) They stay in touch with us all the time, not once or twice yearly. They always have questions for us. When we ask them questions, they always answer promptly.

We would like to turn you into a winner, but we need your co-operation and determination. You should sit calmly sometime when your mind is rested, think about yourself for the items listed above and make short notes honestly. You should then set up a meeting to discuss the notes with us. We will provide you practical solutions derived from the success of winners. Conclusions made and followed would gradually make you a successful owner/manager.