Understanding CERB and CEWS

Dear Clients:

A large Employer subsidy program CEWS has just started. It will give you 75% of the wages that you pay your employees.

People who have taken CERB will not qualify for CEWS.  You may like to pull yourself out of CERB and go on CEWS. Those who got CERB without being eligible, should also do so.

There are many Assistance Programs to help businesses cope up with Covid-19 damages.  Only some of the programs may apply to your business.  We are helping our clients to maximize their benefits.  We do so by matching program eligibility criteria with your business situation.

A key parameter in matching is your Current Operation (CO) Level.  For example, your CO level may be about 80% of the Regular Operation (RO) level. This represents an almost fully open business.  At 20% level you will be almost fully closed.  A partly open situation may be at 50% CO level. We would like to know your approximate CO level.

We would also like to know your Revenue in January, February, March and April.  We have now prepared the attached Form to get your answers.

Please complete the Form and send it back soon.

Teji Singh, Manager

H&T Accounting Service

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