Why Small Business should Hire Accounting Professionals ?

Whether you have a small business or a large one, sooner or later you will have the requirement of a certified accountant to take care of your bookkeeping and financial services. But, unfortunately, we tend to save money at the wrong place. By hiring an uncertified accountant, we expect the same results that come from a professional, but by paying less.

This trend is particularly common among small business owners as they have limited budget and have less variables to take care of in accounting. What they do not realize is that it hampers the development and growth of the organization. Accountants in Mississauga play an important role in the growth of small business houses and their value should never be underestimated.

With the experience and knowledge of accountants, small business owners can gain much more than just maintaining the right financial record. Small businesses get expert advice from these professionals, as they can compare the financial and operational record of the company in a better way.

Let us take a look at some of the reasons as to why we should hire professional accountants in Brampton.

Conformity with Legislations
– A Professional accountant is aware of the latest changes and he or she will be able to guide you better on how these changes can affect your business and how you can cope with it.
Technology Guidance – Professional accountants in Milton makes use of latest software and technology that fulfil the requirements of small business houses. In some cases, maintaining such software is a regulatory requirement.
Financial consultancy – experienced accountants in Brampton will recommend ways through which small businesses can have proper business financing, inventory management and cash flow management.
Help in tax planning and reporting – Taxes are a nightmare not only for small businesses but for big business houses as well. It seems there is a continuous non-stop fight going between taxing agencies and businesses. One wants to take all the applicable taxes and the other wants to save as much as possible on taxes. Certified accountants help you out in every aspect.

Five Mistakes to avoid while Filling Tax Returns

There are two things that are certain in life. One thing is death and as long as we are living we have to pay taxes. However, cautious we may be, but error occur every now and then in filing tax return. Let us take a look as to what can go wrong when we file Tax Returns in Mississauga.

Tax Returns Filling Mistakes

Preparing Tax returns on your own: Unless you are Certified Accountant, it is recommended not to prepare tax returns on your own. There are numerous permutations and combinations in filing tax returns, in case, you miss on any single point, you will have to bear the consequences later on.

Charitable Donations: Donating in charities is a noble thing to do. However, if you are doing it for the purpose of saving tax, you should exercise caution while filing Tax Returns as these are often challenged by tax people. One current example is gifted trust arrangement through which donation amount is shown big through various manoeuvres. Anyone making use of such schemes will automatically come under the scanner.

Moving Expenses: Expenses are incurred in moving forty kilometres close to your work place. Amounts are deductible against the self-employment or employment income generated at the new location. This income should, however, not exceed that of taxpayer’s. This cannot be deducted from any other type of income. H&T Accountant in Brampton are aware of these things.

You should be able to prove in case you are self-employed:Every year, numerous Canadians fall in this trap. You cannot claim that you are self-employed only on the basis of gross cheque that you receive from your employer. In case you are self-employed contact Certified Accountants to find out if you qualify. The consequences can be severe in case you don’t. All your business expenses will be disallowed and you will have to pay interest, penalty and extra tax.

Childcare Expenses:New immigrants should remember that they have to pay their parents for babysitting their kids. Grandparents have little or no income, particularly if they are new to the country.

Smoothen Tax Filing Process with Experienced Professionals

As the due date for tax return draws near, we are often overwhelmed by our tax debt duties. An intelligent way out is to start looking for a competent tax filing professional. You will be able to save more tax if Tax Returns in Mississauga are done by an expert professional. However, the very task of picking a professional should be done with caution. At the end of the day, regardless of how reputed the professional is; it is you who will be accountable in case there is any error in tax returns. Anything and everything that is written on your tax return paper belongs to you. Take one step at a time and tread carefully to have a peaceful sleep. Here are some guidelines to pick the right professional.

Search Both Online and Offline

Charity begins at home. Ask your family members and friends, if they know any person who can give expert advice. You can then take your search online. In order to make sure you are working with competent professional and that your tax returns  are done is an ethical manner is to check their designation.

Look into Tax Filing Certification

In case you are looking for some assistance, you need to be working with licensed professionals like CPA’s. These professionals bring in ample knowledge and skills to the table.  Working with a licensed professionals has an added advantage as they are accountable to their regulator. However, you are not limited to these two options in picking a preparer for filing tax returns in Brampton. Pick what is most suitable for you. Never hesitate in asking about their filing experience.

Verify the Audit Assistance

No one wants to go through the nightmare of an audit. But, audits do happen, even after taking the best of precaution. Accountants in Mississauga will be able to help you out even if you go through the nightmare of tax audit. With the assistance of accountants in Milton, a tax audit will not be as scary as you think.

File Tax Returns in Time – Prevent Tax Audit

CRA is looking to reduce government deficits and increase tax collections. This is the reason why tax audits are on the rise. When CRA goes through the Tax Returns in Mississauga and other places to make sure expenditure, income and credits are accurately reported it is termed as tax audits.

A tax audit can happen even when there is no red flag on a tax return and the best way to avoid it is by being completely true about your deductions.

1. Maintain adequate and complete book of records according to laws pertaining to tax returns in Brampton and other places.

Tax payers in Canada need to maintain complete records and books according to Canadian tax laws for a period of at least six years. All proof of payments and receipts should be disclosed in the tax return. In case anyone is not able to provide related documents to CRA than they may face comprehensive tax audit.

2. File Taxes within Time limit

It is every taxpayer’s responsibility to pay the taxes in time. It will not only prevent them from paying additional money in the form of penalties and interest, but it will reduce the chances of audit. Show to the authority that you are a responsible citizen and you will never have trouble.

3. Keep yourself updated for rules related to tax returns in Oakville and other places

One and off changes are made in tax return policy. It is an individual’s responsibility to maintain the ratio of revenues to expenditure consistent for every year. In case there is fluctuation than it may take the attention of CRA.

4. Do not make any error

It is quite likely that a tax return may be called upon by CRA in case any error is found in the process of Tax returns in Milton. Before you file return, you should make sure everything is accurate and complete. In case a mistake comes to your notice after filing tax returns in Mississauga, it is better to take corrective actions before it comes to the notice of CRA.

Importance of Accountants in a Business

In the present time accounting has become one of most crucial functions for all types of Organizations. It is equally required for small, medium and large organizations. Professionals those perform accounting work are known as Accountants. They play very significant role in all types and sizes of organizations.

Accountants are very skilled and well educated professionals. They can handle your all accounts and business transactions effectively. They directly affect your business success and failure. They have very deep and thorough knowledge about all types of industries, current trading competition and latest business trends. So they can help you to take a right decision in a critical situation.

A professional accountant can save your business time and money by providing you expert business advice on time through analyzing your monthly financial position and statements. Such type of advice can create some new customers for your business. When you hire an accountant for your firm, you don’t need to give more time to your finances. So, you can give your precious time to other important business tasks without any tension. With his help you can invest your current profits in a right place as he has great knowledge about the trends.

Accountants can make it sure that your all financial statements are created accurately & according to government laws. They can calculate  all types of taxes quickly and without any errors. They can help you to minimize your investments and maximize your profits.

If you need perfect and high quality accounting services for your business in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Milton, Contact H&T Accounting Services. It can solve your all accounting problems easily.