New Procedure to Exchange Information or Documents (IODs)

Dear Clients:

Due to COVID-19 we have not been meeting client’s in-person since last week of March. But we have managed well using emails and phone call to exchange Information or Documents (IODs).

Even if some restrictions are being reduced by government, Social Distancing is expected to remain for a while. We are afraid we have to continue these procedures to exchange IODs.

Some clients had to provide us packages containing hundreds of documents. At our request they dropped off such packages through the slot in our office door. We want all clients to know of this procedure.

Anybody including the couriers can drop off document packages at our office in a bin placed on the office stairs. You can do that any time in office hours. The other drop off alternative is through our office door slot; this can be done at any time.

For providing us information on a few pages, you can use E-mail and that on many pages; use a service like Google Drive or Dropbox or OneDrive.

Teji Singh
TEL: 905.858.0775
FAX: 905.858.8645