Five Mistakes to avoid while Filling Tax Returns

There are two things that are certain in life. One thing is death and as long as we are living we have to pay taxes. However, cautious we may be, but error occur every now and then in filing tax return. Let us take a look as to what can go wrong when we file Tax Returns in Mississauga.

Tax Returns Filling Mistakes

Preparing Tax returns on your own: Unless you are Certified Accountant, it is recommended not to prepare tax returns on your own. There are numerous permutations and combinations in filing tax returns, in case, you miss on any single point, you will have to bear the consequences later on.

Charitable Donations: Donating in charities is a noble thing to do. However, if you are doing it for the purpose of saving tax, you should exercise caution while filing Tax Returns as these are often challenged by tax people. One current example is gifted trust arrangement through which donation amount is shown big through various manoeuvres. Anyone making use of such schemes will automatically come under the scanner.

Moving Expenses: Expenses are incurred in moving forty kilometres close to your work place. Amounts are deductible against the self-employment or employment income generated at the new location. This income should, however, not exceed that of taxpayer’s. This cannot be deducted from any other type of income. H&T Accountant in Brampton are aware of these things.

You should be able to prove in case you are self-employed:Every year, numerous Canadians fall in this trap. You cannot claim that you are self-employed only on the basis of gross cheque that you receive from your employer. In case you are self-employed contact Certified Accountants to find out if you qualify. The consequences can be severe in case you don’t. All your business expenses will be disallowed and you will have to pay interest, penalty and extra tax.

Childcare Expenses:New immigrants should remember that they have to pay their parents for babysitting their kids. Grandparents have little or no income, particularly if they are new to the country.